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Lakes Digital makes unique use of the popular CMS platform Drupal to make websites that help businesses grow.

Drupal is a CMS platform that allows your business a great degree of flexibility when creating and maintain your website. The platform ranges in its ability to manage sites as large government websites (the white house and the Australian Government) to this 12 page website, your organisation will benefit from a website that grows as your business grows.

Regardless of platform Lakes Digitals main focus is take the worry of setting up and maintaining your website with a clear process that guides you through getting you’re a website.

Our process helps provide a clear picture of what the end result of your website will be for your business, and consists of answering 4 questions over the course of working with us on your website.


  1. Where are we now?-Discovery
    If your business had a personality what would it be and how would you let everyone what it was? This is the main crux of this stage of the project and entails taking a little time to get to know your business and see how it can benefit your existing and potential customers. This helps in define a website design that is as unique as your business.

    I knew from day one with the questions they asked in the preparation process that my website would be in safe hands and to this day they still continue to exceed my expectations.

    -Tara Bradbury,  Director BDM Academy

  2. Where do you want to be?
    Naturally there aspects of your business that you would like to improve, whether it be increasing sales, brand awareness or providing customers with a  better central point of contact, Lakes Digital works with you to ensure that business goals are achieved. At this stage we also assess what your client needs might be and how our solution might be suited to meets those needs as well.
  3. How can we get you there? – Design and Implementation.
    This is where Lakes locks itself away and develops the best way for your website to get your business where it wants to be. This could be purely in the form of a website or a combination of our other services (SEO, Email Marketing, Ad Words and Analytics)
    It is at this exciting stage we present you with what your solution will look and provide with our series of affordable payment options. (Contact us to find out details).
    The site gets built and voila you have website to add to your marketing arsenal.
  4. Where to from here? - Maintenance and Evaluation
    The process however does not quite end there. Lakes Digital provides site reporting and maintenance to help keep a watch on your investment. Based on the genreated reports Lakes Digital normally makes recommendation and based on these, the whole process starts all over again, helping your business reach its next goal.