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BDM Academy


The BDM Academy is a professional and innovative training firm which has been designed to primarily focus on educating and training Business Development Managers within the Property Management Industry. The company was launched in February 2013 and has been designed to help give agents a better understanding of how a BDM and impact the growth of the Property Management Department.

I knew from day one with the questions they asked in the preparation process that my website would be in safe hands and to this day they still continue to exceed my expectations.

-Tara Bradbury,  Director BDM Academy


The Problem

Within the first couple of months, Tara Bradbury, the owner of BDM academy, found her small business going through a rapid expansion. Primarily providing her services through training sessions, Tara found that selling her knowledge through books and DVD’s would also help further feed the business’s expansions.

With more and more orders coming in Tara, found it difficult to juggle her travel for work and processing sales. She knew she needed an online store however, was not sure where to get started.

She also found that existing and potential clients were calling her to find out the same details about her products and seminars.  

The Solution

Online Store

Tara now has the ability to list the products that she sells in conjunction with her seminars whether she is on the road or not. It has also allowed her clients the ability to have a convenient way to make purchases without having to try and reach her when she is unavailable.

Blog and Podcast 

Being the go to person in the industry, Tara likes to keep her clients informed of any relevant industry news as well as share on her expertise. Her website has been the perfect vehicle for this and nowhere has this been clearer than on her blog and podcast pages.
Tara also makes use of Lakes Design service, for a small monthly fee we upload all her content for her, leaving more time to focus on her business.

Exclusive Content.

BDM Academy now has a member’s area for her website, allowing premium paying member’s the ability to view exclusive content. This has made it easier for her and her clients to view and access the materials.  

Contact Form.

Most importantly Tara has included a contact form on her BDM Academy website. This has provided her the opportunity to effectively manage client interactions.

Combining all these features to her site has resulted in more time to improve her business and increase revenues.