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ATD Property


Stacey and Rebecca started ATD Property Group with a view to give clients a service level that was second to none in the industry. Their name says it all: “Attention to Detail”. They recognised that there was a gap in the market for a boutique company that genuinely cared about the industry. Their aim is not to grow increasingly larger but to remain at a level where service and quality is never compromised. They are passionate about real estate and want their clients to feel safe and secure knowing they are in good hands.

Being a small start-up business, we simply couldn’t afford to not have a website but also couldn’t afford to pay through the nose for a substandard product when every dollar counts. Lakes Networking offered us a service which provided us with exactly the site we needed and offered an instalment payment option to allow us to go live immediately. The team listened to our requirements and worked with us every step of the way to ensure that the final product was just what we were looking for.

-Stacey James, Director/Licensee, ATD Property

The Problem

As a small start up organisation, ATD is a real estate agency with big dreams. The company’s focus is paying attention to the little details that its competitors tend to miss out on and with a few key strategies under their belt they had a market of loyal followers willing to have ATD manage their properties.

Brand strength was ATD’s main area of focus when approaching us to develop their site. They also wished to leverage their website to benefit their clientèle.


With a requirement to wanting to be the top real estate agency in one of the world's fastest growing property markets, the look of their site mattered. A simple minimalist design that focused on their brand, the location of the service and the service itself was the best solution. This led to the design below.

Property Listing

To further strengthen the brand with the service we included a property listing functionality on the website. Even though ATD list their services on other popular, 3rd party services they wanted to make the properties they managed a little more distiguished by presenting them online the ATD way.

On top of all this ATD staff have the ability to manage listing on their website with no hassle at all.

Client Focused Functionality.

With a large number of properties to manage, ATD found themselves distributing out the same paper work for similar admin tasks. To help reduce this, we assisted ATD by providing custom forms allowing tenants to easily pass on critical admin requests.

Mobile Layout.

Letting people know about an ATD property on the go and making sure it loads properly on all devices ensures a professional look, further instilling trust in the company.

We provided ATD with a solution that can bend and flex as needed so no matter where they want to show a potential lead a property, it will still look professional.

This has allowed ATD a greater opportunity to take their start up to the next level, as less and less focus has been taken away from having downtime to build, manage and implement a website.

Affordable Solution

ATD Property Group had a tight budget in relation to getting the website and its functionality up and running. We worked with ATD Property Group and place them on an affordable monthly payment plan to help get them going faster. This added piece of mind has further bolstered their ability to take advantage of their online presence.